Thursday, 24 February 2011

Plate Passion

I have a passion ! 

for a pretty plate, it doesn't even have to be in perfect condition.  If I love it, I love it !

Over the years I have collected many, some are now chipped, some cracked and a few broken.  I am not precious about them, this is the beauty of paying (mostly) pennies for my lovelies. 

I use them everyday, the family are used to my mismatched bits and pieces.  I think it adds to their beauty.  I will say though that I don't put food on the cracked and chipped ones for obvious reasons but I cannot bear to part with them.

A Selection of my lovely plates

My most expensive single purchase £4.50 for this totally too die for Johnson Bros Pareek Bone china plate

Really pretty Noritake Plate

I love the fact that the guilding is worn on this gorgous softest of soft pink plate (make unknown)


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