Wednesday, 16 February 2011

The smallest room in the house

With so much work to do on the house when we moved in, after the first job of ripping up all the filthy carpets (see previous post).  We decided on our limited budget the one place we could afford to sort straight away was our upstairs loo.


AFTER - Blue & white stripe wallpaper Laura Ashley sale, Bunting won in an auction on Ebay £4.99

Hubby has spent hours and hours bringing the original door handles back to their former glory.  They were almost black with dirt and age on all the doors in the house when we moved in.  Pretty hearts again an auction find on Ebay.

Love this wooden sign, cheers me every time I go in the loo.  Won in an auction on Ebay for £9.99, Hearts also off Ebay, gorgeous designer material (can't remember price or name)

Nautical inspired porthole mirror, the only item we have in our home that came from my OH's previous home (that he shared with his previous partner !) I am assured he choose it ! LOL!  

There you go the first before and after pics of the smallest room in the house.


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