The hall stand

I love 1930s hall stands, they are usually both well made and practical.
The only down side (for my taste) is that they are dark wood.I've painted and sold several over the last few years as they have become very popular, but always resisted selling on the beautiful example we have in our hallway.  Today the boys were happy to spend the day playing on their computers and various other electronic toys so I thought it was  the perfect opportunity to give the stand a coat of paint.

As is often the case these days I forgot to take a before pic but take it from me although a lovely example it was a dark dirty brown.  I initially thought I would paint it solid white but it quickly became clear that the solid white of the hall stand did not work against the white wall.

I gave it a once over with the paint and then decided to give it a wipe over with a damp cloth.  This created a lovely "limed" look.  Once dry I felt it needed to look a little more "time worn"  to fit in with the look of my home.

To me there is no better look for wood than a beautiful ocean and weather worn look so I decided to rub over with a heavy duty sand paper to create the look.  Really happy with the end result.