British Gypsum - Rooms Made for You Event

Its always a buzz when that special invitation pings into my in box.  I recently had that pleasure when an invitation arrived to The Shard in London courtesy of British Gypsum who
were showcasing their Rooms Made for You range to interior and home bloggers.

It was a real thrill to discover that several of my blogging mates would also be there, we don't get to meet up much these days so a catch up afterwards in the pub was planned.  Catching a train to London from Devon at the civilised time of 10am was a real bonus and a wonderful surprise was waiting on the train in the form of fellow blogger and good friend Molly Costello  (its always much better to travel round London with someone who knows where they are going ).  Once in London we met up with Jen Stanbrook, Amanda Cottingham and Liz Burton, its been far too long !

Emerging out of the gloom of the underground at London Bridge to this amazing sight really does take your breath away.  Its a truly stunning building and WHAT a location for an event.  10/10 to British Gypsum for that one.  The inside of the building is just as stunning, the lift gliding effortlessly up to the 30 something floor where the event was taking place, and oh ! the view !   Can't wait to go back and visit the view from The Shard a wonderful bonus gift courtesy of British Gypsum.

As my husband and I are keen DIY enthusiasts (well more him than me actually, I do all the pretty stuff)  I was really interested to hear about the three products British Gypsum - Rooms Made for You were showcasing.

The Lifestyle Wall is a super strong plasterboard developed to replace standard plasterboard and with superior sound insulation.  You can screw directly into the plasterboard as I demonstrate in this little clip (better not let the husband see, I'll be getting roped into that next).  It really is a simple as that.

The Silent Floor sounded like a really good idea to me.  In a house full of men, all playing different electronic devices mostly at the same time, shouting, jumping up and down and (sometimes) throwing controllers, I could do with a bit of sound proofing .  It seems the magic of this flooring system lies in the resiliently mounted ceilings and sound insulated plasterboard linings.  We were told these floors outperform standard floors by up to 15db.  We had a demonstration of the difference in the sound and it really was substantial.

Silent floor was awarded the Quiet Mark in October 2014 in recognition of the positive impact that it has on the aural environment of the home.

Pic Pinterest    Plaster the ceiling with Thistle Magnetic Plaster  and hang pens like this inspired idea from an advertsing agency

 By far my favourite product had to be The Thistle Magnetic Plaster.  Now as a busy working mum and someone who likes to think outside the box when it comes to my home decor, I immediately thought of all sorts of uses for this wonderfully innovative product.   For a realitively low amount (around £98 for a whole bag of the plaster and the cost of a chap to plaster your wall) you have endless possibilities.  No more holes in the walls from nails, no messy stains from sticking your childrens artwork onto the wall.  You can move your things around to please your mood and all by using this plaster and standard magnets purchased from the high street.

Pic Pinterest

Turn your walls into gorgeous displays of your hats and bags.

As more and more people are working from home these days, turning a corner of your home into a stylish home office area couldn't be simpler.

pic pinterest - One Creative Housewife

The beauty of this plaster is you can also paint it with everyday paint and it has no effect on the magnetic effectiveness.  You can even use black paint and have a magnetic blackboard, perfect in the kitchen or kids room see my post on decorating the twins room   HERE  

We will be starting on the twins room in the near future and I intend to plaster one wall with Thistle Magnetic Plaster and do this :

A huge magnetic Chess board on the wall for the boys and daddy to play.  We would also like to use the plaster on the ceiling, so the thinking caps are on for safe, practical and interesting ideas.

Just time to grab a bite to eat, mouthwatering cakes on offer before heading off to the pub for a quick catch up and a little tipple (well it would be rude not to when in the big city).

The very lovely Jen Stanbrooke does the honours.

Many thanks again to British Gypsum and Rooms Made for You staff for a really great event.

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