March #StyleWise DIY Artwork

For this months #Stylewise post I decided to have a go at some DIY Art.
I had a large white canvas that I used to use to take photographs of items on for my businesses.  Its sat behind a cupboard for the last 6 months.  After picking the brains of the art teacher at school I discovered that Acrylic paints would be best so picked a few colours up on a trip to the shops.

I'm no artist, can't even draw a stick man so I had already decided it would be a bit of an abstract piece! ohhhh to put that first brush stroke on the canvas.....

But first to mix up the paint.  I wanted various blues and whites to hopefully bring together the colours I am introducing into the bedroom when I make it over.

OK Hubby, you make the first mark please.  Ohh yes, nice colour.

A bit this way, a bit that way.  Layer on some texture (is this how proper artists do it ? ) doubt it.

Mix a bit more paint up.  Swish it this way, swish it that way.

Some nice white flashes.  Are we done yet ?  Yes think so, no just a bit more there and a bit more over here.

Done now.

Steps back......  Bit more over here, ohh don't like that, bit more here.  See its knowing when to stop !